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Who We Are & What We Are About

The BOSS Program, now in its 5th year, has its origins in sports, both its advantages and its pitfalls.

Program founder Everett L. Glenn, a successful and now retired attorney, understood that many successful people including himself point with fondness and pride to their participation in sport growing up as a major contributor to their success.  Character built, values learned, camaraderie shared are common themes, and even highly competitive sports experience more often than not is viewed as a net-positive contributor to personal and professional success.  The exception:  inner-city boys/boys of color.  Lacking the support structures of their peers, inner city boys/boys of color who show promise in sports can end up being “athlete track’ed”, or over-focusing on athletics to the detriment of their academic and interpersonal skills development. 

This led to the creation of BOSS™ (Business Of Student Success), a year-round and multi-year effort to take our boys from middle school to and through college graduation and into their career.

Our Mission

To create an equal playing field in education for boys, especially boys of color and/or those from under-resourced communities and schools, by providing positive role models, multi-year and year round academic guidance (STEAM focused) and coaching, life advice, career exposure and networking, resources and equipment to increase their chances for personal and professional success in all industries including consulting, engineering, finance, global trade, law, medicine, sports & entertainment and technology. We supplement what schools and families can provide so that our boys are also from “advantaged households”.

It Takes a Team.

It is through our collective efforts that our students are given the opportunity to pursue greatness.

Our Team

The perfect team — our principals and advisors have over 100 years of combined experience in sports and related industries.

Board of Directors

We support the foundation and logistical needs of BOSS so kids can truly benefit from our program.

Athlete Advisory Board

We help get our kids from the little league to the big league. Our network and input helps makes a difference. 

What We Do.

We’ve delivered programming for 5 years, including the past 3 years when we’ve delivered year-round programming including academic coaching, mentoring and exposure to real world experiences and opportunities for advocacy and service.