The pursuit of our dreams is about embracing possibilities and choosing to accomplish more in our lives. Whether personal or professional, when we set goals and begin on the path towards reaching them, we’re truly forging our own growth.

With that thought in mind, our BOSS student-athletes were treated to an empowering conversation with renowned motivational speaker and dream coach, Daniel Armstrong, where they identified their own skills and dreams.

Find A Tree is an empowerment program dedicated to fostering a world of dreamers and doers, who believe that they are the architects of their own success. The program engages both youth and adults alike, helping them to identify their aspirations, recognize their potential, and actualize their life goals.

The program’s approach is grounded on six fundamental pillars to promote individual achievement: ambition, understanding, belief, action, resilience, and urgency. Find A Tree’s origins are rooted to an inspiring story about community development in Ghana, Africa. It was there that Armstrong encountered two brothers who had what seemed like an unrealistic dream to launch their own school. While the boys found themselves discouraged by immense challenges and limited resources, Daniel encouraged them to “find a tree, and start their school there.” That prompt led the young men on a journey that quickly captivated an entire community and garnered the support of a local businessman, who donated a building for their school. Within a year a hundred local youth were in attendance, the boys’ dream had come true, and Daniel found his life calling—to mentor people across the world in accomplishing their goals and realizing their dreams.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?'”—That is the Find A Tree way of thinking. And now our BOSS student- athletes understand better now that the possibilities are endless…that they just need to find a tree and get started!