ESP Education & Leadership was selected by the LA Clippers Foundation (LACF) for a 2017 Grant in the amount of $10,000 to support its signature BOSS™ program. In the words of the Clippers Foundation “the LACF received many great submissions but we felt that your organization merited a donation to help sustain BOSS.”

The LACF is a non-profit entity established in the summer of 1994 to increase the club’s support of their surrounding communities. Since its inception, the Clippers’ Foundation has been committed to promoting positive educational, civic, environmental and humanitarian values through community outreach programs.

BOSS is aligned with and complimentary to the mission of the LACF to inspire children to make a positive difference in their Southern CA community. We’re doing unique work with an increasingly visible group – athletes obviously are highly visible in their school and college communities. We’re not just working to make them understand how to be successful, we’re helping them to help their non-athlete peers succeed. This is a highly positive narrative in an arena where the spotlight is already looking for new news and outcomes and hopefully reinforces the messages that we share and want heard by and about our youngsters.