Our 8th Annual BOSS™ (Business Of Student Success) summer camp was a huge success, exposing/introducing 65 new boys to the year-round and multi-year BOSS process.  

To expand our summer engagement with our boys, we partnered with Charlotte, North Carolina based StrengthnNumbers.org, to present a sports analytics camp from UCS.  StrengthnNumbers was founded by ESPN Statistician and UNC-Charlotte Sports Analytics professor John Tobias.   

The Sports Analytics experience was a free, 4-day camp for underrepresented high school students who love sports and data. Members of ESPN, the NBA & MLB participated with students in fun & educational exercises.   Students learned how to track advanced stats in real-time, the major impact STEM and analytics have on roster decisions through our own NBA draft, how researchers extrapolate concrete data to support highly rated sport talk shows, and the impact STEM and data analytics have with tracking, boosting operating performance as well as monetization efforts in the world of Esports.  Participants not only learned about sports analytics, but also the many career opportunities in and beyond sports in analytics.  

Our 7th Annual BOSS Camp was highlighted by Microsoft coding workshops (code your own video game; Minecraft; make a clicker game; and design a space explorer), an entrepreneur bootcamp, our Good to Great review,  a coding bootcamp (Swift, Objective-C, Java, Python and JavaScript), and the return of the LA Lakers clinic.  Our boys were also treated to a sponsored tour of the Port of Long Beach to learn more about Port operations, the complexities of maritime goods movement, careers in international trade and how the Port is improving the environment and helping the community thrive.   

With the new school year upon us, our focus turns to our year-round programming that includes academic support and mentoring, career exposure and networking, real world experiences and opportunities for advocacy and service.

You can view a short video of the highlights of our 8th Annual BOSS camp at this link.